Work hard to earn rewards, 2018

kidSave, a school currency system designed for 6-9-year-old students. Students are rewarded gold, silver or bronze based on how they’ve worked during their lessons. It will be noted on their stamp card and placed securely in their wallet.


At the end of the week, teachers will process the token(s) each student has accumulated and can reward themselves with a gift based on how much they have earned.


Parents can access and view their child's account through an app and students can visit their profile to stay up to date through the school intranet or virtual learning environment.


Often in our day and age, the understanding of currency and how it is earned is forgotten about or misunderstood by children. As contactless cards and online payments are being used more than cash, children often forget that money is earned through hard work.


How might we make it easier for children to understand how a currency system works in terms of earning and rewarding within a real working world? 

Student Persona


It was important to keep the interaction of each app simple, which I believe I achieved, for example, when designing for a teacher they need quick and easy access when imputing the student's tokens.

Site Map

Site Maps + User Flows

User flow diagram


Wireframes + designs

Tokens -  gold, silver + bronze

​This gives students a better understanding of the real value of items

Tokens, Wallet + Stamp Card

Student – 2.png

Stamp Card -

Students can keep a record of how many tokens they have collected throughout the week.

Stamp Card.png

Wallet -

Students are responsible for their tokens, this wallet gives students a place to store them alongside their stamp card. Due to it being an in-school system, it isn't necessary to be taken home.


Student - 

Accessible through a computer on the school's intranet or Virtual Learning Environment.


web mockup V1-left.png

Teacher - 

Accessible through a tablet and computer, providing efficiency when scanning students tokens.


Parent - 

Accessible through a phone, this gives parents access to view their child's account whilst on the go.

Parent Mockuppsd.png

Tokens, Wallet + Stamp Card

Students will collect, stamp and store their tokens.