KidSave —
Work hard to get rewards

Design a interface(s) that would allow a digital currency to function
Concept + Design

KidSave is a school currency designed for 7-11-year-old students. As they go through their working day, students will be awarded gold, silver or bronze tokens by their teacher. Teachers will process the token(s) to keep an online record of the amount they are getting and parents will have access to view their childs account to see how well they have done each day. The amount will also be noted on the student’s stamp card. Tokens will be stored in a wallet, which is given to the student. At the end of the week, the tokens are combined to create the final amount. Students will be able to pick a reward for the following week.

Interface Prototype 
Tokens, Wallet + Stamp Card Prototype 
Token + Reward Systems
User Flow Diagrams