Colour Vision

Brexit: The Key Events 2019

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A photograph of an icon gives us different messages, some complementary, some contradictory. Perception can be different from reality, but all tell a two-part visual story. 


Each colour gives us a different message of reality.

Initial Research

To begin with, I looked at the accessibility of products and the internet as well as different visual impairments. I was intrigued to find more on colour-blindness as it was an area that I hadn’t looked into before. 

Colour Vision

Testing + Experimentation

Through my research of colour-blindness, I discovered colour vision and colour theory; I found both being very interesting I chose to look at the colour vision, specifically anaglyphs in greater depth.

Experimentation of Anaglyphs

Using Photoshop, I experimented with layering different text styles and background colours. I especially liked the black background and text for how it stood out. The outcomes were successful and helped introduce the next phase of the project.

I was curious to see how I could apply meaning to an image when looked through two different colours. Also, I started to look at layouts and filter styles.

I decided to apply these features and filters to real-life events. I wanted to show how events contradict or show the effects of one another, for example, Tony Blair and the Iraq War and Martin Luther King and the Selma to Montgomery marches.

Final Design Idea

I have chosen to look at Brexit’s key events due to its heightened coverage in the media. Not only have the people followed the government's journey of Brexit, but there have also been many public opinions. Through the anaglyph effect, I want to reflect on the differences.

Making + Testing

I have created an interactive prototype using Photoshop and XD. Alongside the prototype, I have created a viewfinder to see the two images and a place to store their lenses. Also, within the lenses, the user is given an explanation informing them of what they are to see. 

This app is most likely to be used and interacted with on an iPad and iPhone. Testing was conducted and was successful; all components worked well together.


Interactive anaglyph of Brexit's key events