Colour Vision 
Brexit: The Key Events 2019

A photograph of an icon gives us different messages, some complementary, some contradictory. Perception can be different from reality, but all tell a two-part visual story. 


Each colour gives us a different message of reality.

Colour Vision.jpg

I looked at the accessibility of products and different visual impairments. I was intrigued to find more on colour-blindness.

Exploration of Anaglyphs

Applying meaning to an image through an anaglyph.

 Experimentation of layouts and styles.

I looked at Brexit’s key events due to its heightened coverage in the media. Not only have people followed the government's journey of Brexit, but there have also been many different opinions. Through anaglyphs, I want to reflect on the differences.


I have created an interactive prototype using Photoshop and XD. Alongside the prototype, I have created a viewfinder to see the two images and a place to store their lenses. An explanation is also included​. Testing was conducted and was successful; all components worked well together.