Climate Cubes
Multi-Sensory Design & Climate Change, 2019

Climate change is an issue being voiced by people throughout the world. Cites deal with these environmental challenges in their own way due to their economic circumstance.
Through these concerns, this installation gives a multi-sensory insight into how climate change is affecting the most developed, developing and undeveloped cities of the world through a set of interactive boxes.​

Crazy Eights Design Sprint

Design Sprint

Research + Inspiration 

Multi-sensory design through poetry.


I used the poem A Country in Spring by Ken Lin and ​"Beside the brook, the lush grass thickens."

Prototype sketch.jpg

How to combine multi-sensory design and climate change within the use of a single box.



  • Sight – the size of boxes  – depending on the size of the population 

  • Sound – volume – a ‘ping’, pitch change

  • Smell – intensity 

  • Touch – weight – depending on the amount of CO2 



  • Tokyo, Japan (developed)

  • Delhi, India (developing)

  • Ethiopia, Africa (undeveloped)

  • London, United Kingdom (developed + current location)

Design Idea

Prototyping - sizes and possible design

  • Touch - each box is made out of acrylic and represents the population of each city.

  • Weight - inside the box has clay to provide a scaled-down weight of CO2.

  • Smell - relates to energy consumption. There will be different intensities of the coffee.

  • Sound - The pitch relates to the rise of sea levels. This has been made through code and an MP3 trigger. When the box is lifted, a sound is played. Conductive paint is placed under each box as well as a layer of foil and connected with a wire.

The Build

Alongside the cubes, it was necessary to provide an infographic to inform the users about the data used. I experimented with different layouts. I kept the layout black and white to match the design of the cubes. 



I created four separate infographics to give the user an in-depth explanation of the boxes.

Exhibited and filmed at London College of Communication, University of the Arts London Degree Show.

Final Outcome