Annual Operating Plan
User Experience Designer, 2019

London College of Communication (LCC) runs an Annual Operating Plan (AOP) which outlines its goals and outcomes for the current and coming year. It also provides all documents and links for staff to get to in one place. 


Currently, the APO is almost unusable due to its interaction, design and language used. Myself alongside a team of students were asked to re-design this into a 'roadmap' system that is understandable and to works efficiently for staff members working at LCC.

Final Mockup.png

UX Research + Analysis 
Reviewing the existing Operating Plan and breaking it down
AOP is presented only as lines of text, lacking any perception of hierarchy, definition and relevance. We have been given 3 detailed case studies from the AOP.

We have proposed a new consistent structure:

  • Resources contain all the documents and forms related to each project.

  • Progress follows the state of the project.

  • Governance contains the staff and CEG members who take part in the project.


How Might We Brainstorm 

After gaining a deeper understanding of the AOP and the information that it contains, as well as the problems that it carries, we have been able to generate some assumptions, thinking of priorities that we need to take into consideration when designing a new experience of the AOP.


Each of us has written down multiple “how might we” sentences, stating aspects we might want to implement, which might be necessary or useful for a new design.

User Research Workshop


We conducted two workshops

Group 1:


  • None of the participants was aware of the AOP or had viewed the document previously.

  • Helped us understand what documents they value the most about LCC Graduate Residency. 

  • They have never been communicated about the AOP, but that each job pool and the department has their own AOPs, so they believe the AOP is mainly helpful for those in the College Executive team.

  • The group has then shared a unanimously negative response to Canvas, and due to the frustration of being unable to find the information they require, they now find themselves bypassing Canvas and approaching colleagues in person or over the phone.

Group 2:


  • Mostly, the participants seemed impartial towards the AOP. 

  • Helped us understand what documents they value the most about Staff Wellbeing Day.

  • Most of them stated that they type keywords that they are looking for on the search bar, and eventually go through the results until they find what they need.

User Personas


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Web 1920 – 23.png